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Gavin Burrows

Working with Cherie over the last two years has not only fixed my immediate aches and pains (lower back, neck and shoulders), but my body in general has not felt so good since I was a teenager. This Stretch TherapyTM program and Cherie's amazing massage have changed my life!

Gavin Burrows, valued client since 2007

Greg Laughlin

I was one of the Senior Teachers in Kit Laughlin's Posture and Flexibility system I have been teaching and practicing for over twenty years and have attended many workshops for all manner of what be called 'bodywork', meaning I had had a lot of hands on me! I can honestly say that Cherie Seeto has the best hands I have experienced. It is as simple as this: I never tell her where the ache or pain is (there are usually more than one due to my training regimen) and without fail she goes to the right spot and does not leave until it is fixed. I am not saying that the treatment is always pain free...often it is not. But she is incredibly effective and equally intuitive.

Dr Greg Laughlin, Senior Teacher of Posture and FlexibilityTM notes
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