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Michelle Rogers

Three years ago I suffered crippling pain from two separate Extruded spinal discs. As a fitness practitioner the whole incident baffled me and considerably disturbed my career and sense of self. After quite useless consultations with various surgeons I found an answer for myself. I decided, still in an excruciating amount of pain, to try a Stretch TherapyTM Course run by Kit Laughlin. There I met Cherie Seeto, one of his teachers. On completion of the course I felt like I had some hope of fluid movement and a life not hampered by constant pain. Since completion of the course I have attended Cherie's Stretch TherapyTM classes once a week. Now I have more than hope, I am inspired to become even more supple than I was when I was 16 (not at all) and now (39), I have the power to quieten my once rigidly protective spinal muscles and move and train again without fear. I highly recommend anyone in pain and not in pain to work with Cherie in both Stretch TherapyTM and massage. Her knowledge of the human body and skill as a practitioner are quite superior creating for me a space of trust to move through physical and mental barriers.

Michelle Rogers BEd MEd, Manager Royal Motor Yacht Club, Gym, Point Piper (Sydney)

Adrian Immaratta

(to Cherie): "So glad for your guidance thru the years. Your voice has always been very calming and I find myself using some of your teaching in my my day to day life. Really helps and my clients get a benefit too:)" Adrian Immaratta, CrossFit Scorch notes
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