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Dave Wardman

"Cherie is a body worker with intuitive hands and an fantastic touch! After a massage from Cherie you will feel profoundly relaxed and confused as to where your worries have gone. Cherie combines Stretch TherapyTM and the myofascial techniques of remedial massage in a flowing, organic way; her treatments wash away excessive muscle tension and the stress of life. Cherie likes to work with you to fix any injuries or musculoskeletal dysfunction. She treats you as a human being, with love and care, and no trace of ego as a therapist on her part. Every body should experience the bliss and wellbeing that Cherie gives to you with her massages! :)"

Dave Wardman, Strength & Flexibility Instructor and Soft Tissue Therapist

Steve Berveling

One of my cycling friends recommended that I go to Cherie to increase my flexibility in order to help with my cycling.  I went along, and (I admit) I was sceptical at first.  But within a few weeks I could feel and see the difference: it was fantastic!  I continue to improve thanks to Cherie – her explanation of how to do the exercises so as to get maximum benefit is terrific.  I have Wednesday lunchtimes crossed out in my work diary so that I can go to Cherie’s class.  Her help and the camaraderie of the classmates greatly assist in my cycling, enabling me to compete with confidence in the Race Across America in June.

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