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Kit Laughlin

In my work, I have been privileged to have been massaged in many ways by many, many therapists over the last 30 years. There is no doubt in my mind that Cherie is in the top three I have ever experienced, and I never go through Sydney without making an appointment. I suggest you do the same: your body will sing a song of thanks to you!

Kit Laughlin, originator Stretch Therapy; author of Overcome neck & back pain, and Stretching & Flexibility

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Steve Maxwell

Cherie and Dave attended Steve Maxwell's Fundamentals of Human Movement Workshop, December 2012. They were able to exchange their skills in soft tissue treatment for extra training with Steve during his 3 month stay in Sydney. This is what Steve had to say about their style of remedial massage,

"Cherie and Dave are two of the most gifted body workers that I have ever received treatment from. Over my half century of hard training and 45 years of martial arts, I've received my share of body work. So I know talent when I see it (feel it). These two are definitely the 'go to' guys in Sydney. "

Steve Maxwell, Strength and Conditioning

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