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Classes, Workshops and cost

See fees and cancellation policy for price list on all services.

Stretch Therapy mid-week classes, enrol anytime by contacting Cherie

Mid-week classes are 60 minutes; run in 10-week blocks with a start and end date. Cost: $300.
Casual attendance by booking in advance. Cost: $40. No drops-ins.

Saturday Long Classes enrol anytime by contacting Cherie. Cost: $65 per 2 hour class.

Saturday Workshops held in Canberra, run by Stretchability. Contact Louise Raisin.
Cost: $100 per 4 hour workshop. Open to everyone, these "long classes" and workshops run on weekends and incorporate Stretch TherapyTM . They are designed for people who want to stretch regularly but are unable to attend the weekday classes. They could include something you would like to learn for your workplace, for promotions and events or to be a follow-up to Kit Laughlin's workshops in Stretch TherapyTM. Payment method can be discussed with Louise.

All classes: please arrive 10-5 minutes before the start to allow for your own preparation and warm up practice. Classes finish and end on time. Please notify me early via sms if you are going to miss a class. You can catchup within the 10 week block. Missed classes are not carried over to the next 10 week block.

What do I wear? T-shirt and track pants or tights, preferably loose and comfortable. Warm muscles stretch better. In summer, long shorts acceptable. No shoes, watches or jewelry.