Stretch TherapyTM

Stretch Therapy is a safe and effective way to learn how to stretch, strengthen
and relax your whole body. It is an evolving system, creating and adding new
techniques to improve the way you feel and function.

Stretch classes in Sydney

The focus is on personalised attention in small exclusive classes with a maximum
of 8 people, or in private sessions. Participants appreciate thorough, clear
instruction with each exercise. Time is taken to explain, demonstrate and
personalise the smallest details in technique. We answer your questions as they

You feel the learning process is a supportive team effort, yet you learn how to adapt stretches for your own body. Come and embody joyful movement and be empowered to look after yourself. Our clients are genuinely excited about how much fun it is to stretch. This course encourages improvements in a safe and comfortable environment. See class schedule here.

Remedial Massage

We use a multitude of soft tissue techniques. Our fresh approach to Fascial Release, massage and stretching, comes from our commitment to train with the best in bodywork. We aim to be up to date with the latest developments and innovations in related fields. Honed with experience and intuition, we prefer to massage within your tolerance to pain or discomfort. Your body is able to surrender the tension versus being 'forced' by heavy-handed techniques. Our clients are delighted with the results.

We recommend that you come dressed comfortably and well hydrated, and take no aspirin, painkillers, or alcohol on the day of your appointment.

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